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for getting a pattern or picture shape on to the computer screen:

You will need a soft 2B pencil, a thin plastic A4 folder (the kind people put in files to hold paper) and a roll of masking tape.

  1. Select an object you want to trace.
  2. Select one with a simple outline to begin with. Put the transparent folder over the chosen object with the tape with the holes at the top.
  3. Now trace the object. Do not press too hard or else you may not be able to rub out the drawing and re-use the folder.
  4. Clear the Paint (Ptbrush) program screen (note: if you trace on to the grid, you will get a small pattern).
  5. Stick the folder on to the top of the monitor with the masking tape - this does not mark the monitor.
  6. With the Pencil or finest Brush, put dots on the screen UNDER the pencil tracing every half centimetre or so.
  7. Remove the plastic folder and connect up the dots with the Line tool.
  8. That done, the drawing can be coloured and detail added. I did the Goose in this way.

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